About Us

Based in Ludhiana, Sidharth K Kakkar is best comprehended for his unapologetic and quirky designing cues, and an almost psychedelic sensibility. As someone who himself has called his designs impulsive, Sidharth K Kakkar is a fashion designer whose brave choices in colours and silhouettes have made us revisit those monotonous and monochrome shirts.

Sidharth K Kakkar is one designer whose inventions have the authentic proficiency to leave people astounded, simply because of how they are structured and layered with nuance. Using only realistic fibres, creating universal silhouettes that are essentially the Indian variations of bohemian aesthetics, Sidharth K Kakkar is one designer who has tended to incorporateIndian motifs, with universal silhouettes and designs. 

The notion that Indian men could not carry extraordinary and offbeat textiles is one that has pervaded our zeitgeist forever. Thanks to Sidharth K Kakkar, and his open nature with textiles and silhouettes, the world now scrutinizes Indian designers closely, and in fact, draws impulse.